The philosophy of TeamPrevent-Santé

The philosophy of TeamPrevent Group is based on these crucial areas:

We’re a leading provider of Occupational-Medical Services and an independent provider of Occupational Health and Safety Services. Our highly specialised, quality, and professional services and innovative approach make us a preferred partner.


It’s our mission to provide our clients and their employees all over Europe with Occupational Health and Safety Services, as well as preventive Occupational Medical Services, to offer them while taking into account the latest scientific-technological knowledge and trends, with the aim of protecting our clients’ health, increasing their awareness and motivating them to observe Occupational Health and Safety rules. In the Czech Republic, we’re a proud provider of extra-quality medical care – Santé.

Focus on customers/clients
Our focal point is the safety, health, and security of our clients’ employees, their economic success, and their satisfaction with the services we provide. Our clients’ satisfaction is crucial and plays a vital role in the success of our business.

Executives responsibility
Executives serve as an example to our employees, and use their expertise as well as competences to engage in meaningful work within individual professional teams. Their competences and responsibilities are strictly defined.

Focus on employees
Our team of employees is our most valuable capital and a significant factor on our road to success. We rely on their expertise and professionalism, support their innovative approach and creativity, and strive to constantly create an environment where they could find self-fulfilment and perform excellently.

Focus on processes
Strictly defined and controlled processes are the added value of our services. Our internal processes are continuously improved, just like we continuously try to improve the quality of our services.