E-learning – multimedia applications

E-learning – multimedia applications

TeamPrevent-Santé, s.r.o. offers a unique multimedia product for educating employees about Occupational Health and Safety, Fire Safety, occasional company car driving, etc.

E-learning video tutorials are intended both for executives, and ordinary employees. They contain important information regarding Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Fire Safety (FS), according to Czech Republic laws. Basic training is supplemented with these courses: occasional company car drivers, working at heights, GDPR, chemical substances, and others.

E-learning courses are concluded with a test, after which a certificate is issued both to the employee and employer, confirming that it was passed.

Training is available in English, and can be combined with place-based courses.

E-learning includes: keeping track of deadlines, announcing recurring courses according to statutory periods, sending notification e-mails, and other services.

An option to enter and keep track of all place-based courses, linking up with personnel system outputs, and other services is a new feature.

Areas of interest:

  • OHS and FS
  • Organising OHS and FS
  • The rights and obligations of the employer and employees
  • Rules of safe and health-friendly conduct in the workplace
  • Safety and fire signage in the workplace
  • Hazardous chemical substances
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Training for occasional company car drivers
  • Working at heights
  • GDPR - IT security, business communication