First-aid training

The main aim of teaching First Aid is motivating the participants, making them willing to help, and increasing their confidence.

Procedures are communicated as simply as possible in order to make them easy to remember, raising the willingness of participants to provide First Aid. Our lectors are trained rescue workers with due practical experience.

The course contains a theoretical and a practical part where employees try to provide first aid themselves.

Training includes:
- main First Aid rules
- general principles

- the process of calling the rescue service
- loss of consciousness, pulmonary arrest
- resuscitation – closed-chest cardiac massage, cardiac massage, using an automatic defibrillator
- bleeding, state of shock
- certain injuries (head, spine, chest, abdomen, pelvis), fractures
- electrical injuries
- burns and acid burning, chemical injuries
- anti-shock measures
- acute allergic reactions
- fainting, seizures
- the placement and content of First-Aid kits
- carbon monoxide poisoning

All versions of First-Aid training, provided by TeamPrevent-Santé, s.r.o., include the above-mentioned topics. The difference between individual products lies solely in the depth in which these topics are discussed by the lecturer.

We offer 3 versions of First-Aid training:

1. First-Aid SILVER training (2 hours)

· Includes: theoretical part - 1 hour, practice - ½ hour, final test - ½ hour.

2. First-Aid GOLD training (4 hours)

·  Includes: theoretical part - 2 hours, practice - 1 hours, final test- 1 hour.

3. First-Aid PLATINUM training (6 hours)

·Includes: theoretical part - 3 hours, practice - 2 hours, final test - 1 hour.

If you’re interest in place-based First-Aid training, please contact our business department.