Inspections and reviews of technical equipment, operability inspections

Regarding inspections and reviews of technical equipment and operability inspections, we monitor, implement, and carry out regular (periodic) inspections and reviews of all equipment:

► Regular operability inspections of fire extinguishers and fire safety equipment (e.g. internal and external pipe system, dry pipe system, fire seals, fire doors, etc.) according to the requirements of legal and other regulations and of individual manufacturers.

  • Meeting set dates of operability inspections, according to the effective regulations.
  • Drawing-up proof of fire extinguisher inspections, according to the requirements set by the notice from the Ministry of the Interior, No. 246/2001, Collection of Law, on Fire Prevention, § 9, Para.8.
  • Drawing up documents which prove that the operability of fire safety equipment was inspected, as per the requirements set by the notice of the Ministry of the Interior, No. 246/2001, Collection of Law, On Fire Prevention, § 7, Para. 8.
  • When removing fire extinguishers for the purposes of repair, we provide replacement portable fire extinguishers for as long as the original equipment is being repaired.
  • ► Reviews of electrical equipment and appliances, training employees
    ► Lightning conductor reviews
    ► Pressure equipment reviews, operator training
    ► Reviews and inspections of gas equipment and accessories, operator training
    ► Reviews and inspections of boiler rooms, operator training
    ► Reviewing fork lifts, operator training

    Individual pieces of equipment are inspected to make sure that all executed activities are recorded, providing materials for audit reports in relation to individual appliances. The scope of defects found during reviews and inspections is written down in relevant documents. Using an in-house software, developed precisely for this purpose (date manager), the dates of reviews and inspections of individual devices are recorded. The extent of our services includes the possibility of presenting the schedule of planned activities to the managers of individual compounds.