Professional consultation

Occupational-Medical Services are preventive healthcare services which include the assessment of the effect work activities, working environment, and working conditions have on health. Furthermore, they also include occupational-medical examinations, i.e. preventive examinations; assessing the state of employees’ health with the purpose of evaluating the ability to work, consultation with an emphasis on Occupational Health and Safety and on preventing occupational injuries, illnesses, and job-related illnesses; first-aid courses; and a regularly monitoring workplaces and the work being performed. Our department provides comprehensive consultation and workplace monitoring services. Risk analyses make it possible to determine which area we can best help you, and to start cooperating on drawing-up solutions.

Occupational-Medical Services include these consulting services:

► ergonomics, including work physiology, work psychology, work-and-rest regimen, performance standards
► designing, constructing, and reconstructing workplaces and other employer facilities
► introducing new technologies, materials, and procedures, taking into account the working conditions and the health of employees
► staffing modification, including job placements for the handicapped
► selecting technical, technological, and organisation measures, and choosing personal protective equipment
► fluid intake and the provision of protective beverages
► work rehabilitation
► training and educating employees in Occupational Health and Safety, correct work habits, and the requalification of employees unable to continue in their current work
► identifying occupational hazards and assessing risks, and categorising works as per the Act on Public Health Protection4)
► drawing-up plans to address emergency situations
► measure proposals in case any failures are detected which might damage the health of employees
► employer-prescribed employee training in first aid, drawing-up a proposal for equipping the workplace with first-aid instruments the employees can use

Occupational-medical monitoring includes:

► regular workplace monitoring, monitoring work performance with the purpose of finding and evaluating risk factors
► monitoring company catering and other employer facilities
► assessing risks, using information on the degree of exposure to occupational risk factors and using the results of analyses of occupational illnesses, injuries, and job-related diseases
► cooperating on proposals for employers to remove discovered failures, including proposals to measure the risk factors of working conditions..