The handicapped and we

In 2007, our company was looking for other options to offer added values with our services. The first spur to think about which direction to take was our focus on employees and the fulfilment of the ethical and humanistic code as it pertained to the provision of medical services. It was also our intention to strengthen our market competitiveness. Therefore, Santé Network s.r.o., now TeamPrevent-Network, s.r.o., was established, with the aim of involving those suffering from work impairments in the job market and restore their occupational and social life. TeamPrevent-Network is now staffed by more than 50% with people with disabilities who generally take part in organising medical care and providing selected products and services.

Our services are offered by those who need medical care themselves. We look for new opportunities on the job market, and try to open corporations’ eyes so that they, too, would employ those who suffer from some sort of disability. Seeing this as an added value to be passed on, we do our best to help companies with such efforts.