Individual clients

It’s our aim to provide comprehensive medical care to all clients in all medicine fields, with an emphasis on their individual needs. We offer a revolutionary selection of extra-quality medical services, with a special focus on preventive care. In cooperation with many experts, a series of packages-client cards was prepared, reflecting modern trends in the preventive care sphere. The aim is not only to provide comprehensive medical care as a part of basic areas of medicine, but also to prevent the occurrence of diseases of affliction.

Such extra-quality medical care is provided in our Prague medical facilities and in offices of our selected contractual partners in the Czech Republic. One of the many benefits our clients can enjoy is top comfort of services provided in a pleasant environment, under a single roof, and with a guaranteed waiting time, making visits as time efficient as possible.

Organising care

All care is organised through our call centre, 212 12 12 12, available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No need to keep appointments in mind – our call-centre workers will contact you and actively organise all your preventive examinations, plan your vaccinations, invite you for a check-up, and ensure continuous care from other specialists.

After visiting a physician, our clients are contacted by a call-centre worker who inquires whether or not they were satisfied with the examination and if everything went through without a hitch. They’ll also communicate the client’s examination results as soon as possible.

We pride ourselves on our utmost discretion and individual, personal approach.

We have our own outpatient’s departments in Prague 1 and Prague 4. The complete list of services, expertise, and physicians can be found here.

Our range of services in other specialised fields is supplemented with a network of contractual offices.

More information:

Hana Šrajerová, Phone +420 221 970 711, Mobil: +420 606 743 564, e-mail