OHS – Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety services, provided by TeamPrevent-Santé, s.r.o., include:

► Risk prevention, performed by a specialist
► Identifying risks and hazards, analysing risks and evaluating them, including proposing safety measures
► Drawing-up compulsory Occupational Health and Safety documentation according to the requirements set by legal and other regulations, and updating it regularly
► Occupational Health and Safety audits
► Preventive workplace inspections as per § 102, Act No. 262/2006 Collection of Law, Labour Code, as subsequently amended
► Occupational Health and Safety inspections as per § 108, Act No. 262/2006 Collection of Law, Labour Code, as subsequently amended
► Recording executed inspections, including discovered defects, assigning responsibility, and establishing deadlines for removing the defects
► Addressing the issue of job-related injuries (cooperating in investigation, proposing measures, etc.)
► Auditing safety signage, creating workplace safety signage projects
► Keeping track of deadlines set for technical equipment inspections and reviews
► Training handling equipment operators (low-lift and fork lift trucks, ramps)
► Work at heights - training
► Entry and periodic OHS training for employees and executives
► OHS consultation (OHS assistance, free of charge for TeamPrevent-Santé, s.r.o. clients)
► Participation in inspections carried out by national authorities (regional labour inspectorate)
► Coordinating OHS activities in the workplace while construction is being prepared and implemented, planning OHS