Occupational hygiene

The purpose of Occupational-Medical Services lies primarily in preventing job-related illnesses, conducting special analyses, and optimising the working environment. The obligations of the employer and employees in the area of Occupational Health and Safety are defined by legislation – the Labour Code and the Act on Public Health Protection. The quality of Occupational-Medical Services provided by our company no doubt lies in their complexity and the close relation between the professional and healthcare sectors. Occupational-medical care not only consists of preventive examinations for employees, but also quality consultation and regularly monitoring the working conditions and environment.

The principal activities of the Occupational Hygiene Department are:

► Monitoring the workplace, analysing the working environment according to the statutory requirements
► Revisions, work categorisation
► Setting-up a system of medical examinations – materials for the medical component of Occupational-Medical Services
► Special consultations regarding Occupational-Medical Services
► Assisting accredited laboratories with measuring
► Representing clients in dealing with supervisory authorities
► Ergonomic workplace analyses
► Training, presentations

Determining the scope of examinations

Did you know that an employer is obliged to sign a contract with a provider of Occupational-Medical Services whenever work is performed in their workplace which the Public Health Protection Act classifies as Category One, Two, Two-Hazardous, Third, or Fourth, or which include activities whereby the performance is governed by terms set by other legal regulations? We’re ready to audit/revise your current set-up of occupational-medical employee examinations, or to develop a comprehensive risk system for your entire company.