Occupational hazards analysis

Do you need to categorise work, evaluate changes in the workplace, or conduct a risk analysis from the work physiology perspective? Our professional team is ready to provide these services. A detailed analysis of working conditions, work, and working environment is the corner stone of correctly setting-up occupational-medical examinations and services. By correctly performing risk analyses in your workplace, you not only meet your statutory obligations, but more importantly, you protect the health of your employees.


1. category – minimum health risk
There are minimum or no factors which affect the health of employees.

2. category – acceptable health risk
The risk of the work load having an effect on the employee’s health is acceptable and doesn’t exceed the limits prescribed by legal regulations.

3. category – significant health risk
The work load exceeds the limits. Replacement technical and organisation measures need to be immediately taken at the workplace. Employees face the risk of suffering a job-related illness.

4. category – high health risk
The limits are significantly exceeded, increasing the rate of job-related illnesses and injuries. Some workplace factors may have an adverse effect on employees’ health. There can be recurrent job-related illnesses. The employer must observe a series of preventive measures at the workplace.