The cornerstone of preventive care is to prevent diseases from occurring rather than treat them in their different stages which always more or less affects the afflicted person’s personal and occupational life. That’s why we offer a variety of prevention programmes and screenings, with a special emphasis on diseases of affluence.

Everyone should be concerned about their health and the lifestyle they lead. Santé thinks of your future, keeps the date of your next check-up in mind, and invites you to attend comprehensive preventive examinations, with a focus on the early diagnosis of, for example, the so-called diseases of affluence.

“Diseases of affluence” is an umbrella term for illnesses caused, on one hand, by factors unaffected by a patient’s lifestyle (such as genetic load or sex-related load), and on the other by factors which can be influenced and are brought about by a modern lifestyle. This category includes excessive consumption of calorie-dense foods, lack of exercise, poor sleep, stress, alcohol, smoking, and last but not least, a polluted environment. The most common diseases of affliction include myocardial infarction, obesity, neoplastic growth, occupational burnout, depression, and many others.