Individual Clients

We provide for Individual Clients:

  • comprehensive health care in all fields of medicine
  • respecting the individual needs of the client
  • 24h Call Center 365 days/per year
  • Premium Client Cards, a revolutionary offer of above-standard medical services 
  • years of experience in the field of preventive and curative care
  • respecting the changing requirements of clients and current trends in the field of medicine
  • organizing medical examinations, vaccination planning, aftercare

For more information please contact:

Ela Chisholm (English, Czech)

Phone: +420 731 118 594, mail:  ela.chisholm(at)

Hana Šrajerová (Czech), 

phone: +420 221 970 711, mobile: +420 606 743 564, mail: hana.srajerova(at)